While our firm is ready, willing and quite capable of defending you in a difficult divorce, child custody battle, property dispute, or personal injury case, we at the stuart brown law firm believe it is almost always beneficial (and often required by law) to attempt to mediate your case firstand seek a fair and equitable settlement. The dirty little truth in law is that despite the best defense in your behalf, having your future decided by a judge or jury who may or may not know the law and may or may not be objective, is always a risk. By mediating your case in a professional, open and legally knowledgeable manner, you may be able to avoid the risk and emotionalism of a lengthy and expensive trial and still achieve your goals.

Mediation works only when you your mediator knows how to mediate in such an objective and direct manner as we at the stuart brown law firm know how to do. We do not spend hours beating around the bush in a milktoast or passive manner. We get cases resolved and leave you feeling that justice and fairness is achived. If mediation does not achieve your goals and leave you feeling treated fairly and equitably, we will always suggest moving on to trial as we simply do not believe you should settle for something you know to be unfair. We do not encourage you to accept less than justice and fairness requires. Let us help you.