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Background of the Firm

With an extensive background in both mental health (with some 30 years of experience as a doctoral level licensed mental health therapist and sex offense treatment provider) and law, Stuart E. Brown  is uniquely skilled to guide clients through complex and difficult family law and criminal defense challenges . This includes dealing with clients who are experiencing the emotional pain, frustration and loneliness of a potential or actual divorce process, including being separated from children and family support systems. With the unique combination of forensic mental health (treatment and evaluation experience) and legal training Dr. Stuart E. Brown has advanced skills in being able to flush out and aggressively challenge false allegations (e.g. sexual and physical abuse allegations) of any kind, as well as dealing with the crushing burden of facing criminal charges. Whether you're case involves civil or criminal matters, our firm is uniquely situated to provide psychological and physiological testing to assist you in defending your case. Attorney and mental health expert Stuart Brown is ready and able to aggressively defend you, regardless of whether the case involves family court, DSHS charges or allegations or efforts to take your children from you, state administrative agencies, criminal justice agencies, etc.

A Unique Approach to Counsel and Service

In addition to meeting with clients in our offices, we are able and willing to meet you at your home, place of work, or other location in your community. We believe in making ourselves highly accessible to our clients, day or night and especially in the event of emergencies or crisis. In short, our firm is responsive and caring, but aggressive and personally involved. Simply put, we are not the common place law firm but are real people who pride ourselves on personal involvement. You will readily see the difference in terms of our care and personal involvement and care.

We believe our clients will state that they are given clear, direct, and assertive advice and directions. We pride ourselves in being an aggressive yet sensitive law firm. The law firm places a high priority on getting to know all aspects of our client’s lives in order to best help them with their goals and directions. If you do not like assertive, direct, and uncompromising involvement in defending your rights, we are not the right firm for you. For example in child custody cases we place a high priority on providing early information as to whether the case is one likely to result in success or not, and place a high priority on educating our clients as to the law relating to your action. We do not waste your time or money, or ours. That is our guarantee to you. We do not bill for every e-mail, call, or consult, unlike other firms.

In short, we prize direct communications with our clients with no 'beating around the bush' or deluding them as their actual merits of their case and likelihood of winning or losing. If we believe that we cannot be of help or believe that our firm is not best equipped to handle your case, we will direct you to an attorney or firm that would match your situation and needs.

Our Strength is in Experience

Our philosophy in litigation is to be aggressive, powerful, uncompromising, but professional and respectful of the court process and to respond vigorously to opposing party motions and actions. Our firm moves rapidly to utilize all pre-trial procedures in efforts to win your case early on, or to reach a fair pre-trial settlement. We also attempt to assist clients who are non-assertive, are under the undue control of others that are not acting in the client’s best interests, or who are indecisive for one or more reasons. Using my mental health backgrounds and numerous professional contacts, we work to eliminate fear, confusion, or intimidation for our clients and to protect their interests and legal rights and improve the quality of their life.

Stuart E. Brown proudly serves Washington State with offices is in Bellingham and Everett. For more information about Stuart E. Brown, or to contact us about your case - click here.

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